Finding the Joy: Emergency Physician Wellness and Resilience

Physicians are struggling with burnout, and emergency physicians are particularly at risk. Burnout is an insidious mix of emotional exhaustion, empathy fatigue, devaluing the importance of your work and worsening doubts about your own competence. The CMA reports that more than 25% of Canadian physicians show signs of burnout. We have a suicide rate three times that of the general population.
Jan 17 / 2019

Q&A with Clinical Associates

In this month’s Chair’s Column, we surveyed clinical associates who are currently working at any of the U of T fully-affiliated teaching hospitals. We asked them about their practice and how the clinical associate role fits in with their career goals.
Jan 16 / 2019

New Gift to Department of Medicine Marks 100 years of U of T's First Endowed Chair

John Craig Eaton II with Professor and Chair Dr. Gillian Hawker
Jan 15 / 2019
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