Division of Neurology is set up for success with transformative gift to faculty development

Nov 12, 2020
Tyler Small

The Division of Neurology is excited to announce a $1-million gift to establish the Slamen-Fast New Initiatives in Neurology fund. This transformative contribution is made possible by the generosity of Louise Fast, Joan Slamen and the Fast Foundation.

“This very generous donation will provide support for our junior faculty and allow them to do great things for this division, university, research, and health care in Canada,” says Interim Division of Neurology Director, Dr. David Tang-Wai. “It will also ensure the continued and uninterrupted success of this faculty for generations to come.”

Specifically, the gift will enhance the mission of the division and ensure faculty success by providing grants for vital research, education and quality improvement projects, which will lead to the very best patient-care.

Ms. Fast, a U of T alumna (MLS, 1972) and President of the Fast Foundation, had two sources of inspiration for this gift.

After her father’s sudden passing in 1980 to Louise and her mother’s surprise — people shared that he helped them financially during times of need: Morris Fast was the founder of the successful business, Locweld Inc. Touched by the stories of Morris’ generosity and support, Louise and her mother were determined to carry on his legacy of philanthropy.

The second source of inspiration was her grandfather, a family doctor in rural Quebec. He was always there for his patients and would often go out in the dead of night on a farmer’s horse and buggy to deliver a baby or help an injured farm worker. “Good doctors have to be there for their patients and care about them physically and emotionally. Dr David Tang Wai is one of those special physicians,” explains Louise.

After inquiring about Dr. Tang-Wai’s research and goals, she was inspired to give as she has seen the impact first-hand of researchers receiving pivotal funding through her support at the McGill University Health Centre. “I know that this new funding for the Division of Neurology in U of T’s Department of Medicine will do the same,” says Louise.

Thank you to Louise, Joan and the Fast Foundation.