Current Trainees

Husam Abdel-Qadir

Husam Abdel-Qadir

Education: MD, University of Toronto, BSc (Hons), Human Biology, University of Toronto

Division: Cardiology

Supervisors' Names: Dr. Douglas Lee, Dr. Geoff Anderson

Title of Research: The Impact of Cardiovascular Disease Among Patients with Early Stage Breast Cancer

Mark Chandy

Mark Chandy 


Division: Cardiology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Mansoor Husain

Title of Research: The Role of c-Myb in microRNA-143/145 Gene Expression in Vascular Smooth Muscle

Signy Chow CSTP

Signy Chow 

Education: MD, University of Alberta, BSc (Biochemistry with First Class Honours), University of Alberta

Division: Hematology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Trevor Pugh

Title of Research: Next Generation Sequencing Applications in Multiple Myeloma

Michael Fralick CSTP

Michael Fralick

Education: BScH (Queen’s University), MD (University of Toronto), FRCPC (University of Toronto)

Division: Internal Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Donald Redelmeier

Title of Research: Predicting the Risk Of Medication Side-effects in the Elderly (PROMiSE)

Keerat Grewal CSTP

Keerat Grewal

Education: MD, University of Toronto, BSc (Hons), University of Waterloo

Division: Emergency Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Clare Atzema

Title of Research: Emergency Care and its Impact on Patients with Cancer in Ontario

Michael Kain

Mike Jain 

Education: MDCM, McGill University, PhD, McGill University, BSc, University of Alberta

Division: Hematology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Mark Minden

Title of Research: The Metabolism of B Cell Lymphoma in Immunochemotherapy Resistance

Chris Kandel CSTP

Christopher Kandel

Education: MD, University of Toronto

Division: Infectious Diseases

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Allison McGeer

Title of Research: Measuring the Preventable Burden of Pneumonal Infection in Nursing Home Residents 


Abhijat Kitchlu


Division: Nephrology

Supervisors' Names: Drs. Joesph Kim and Christopher Chan

Title of Research: Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Cancer

Lauren Lapointe-Shaw

Lauren Lapointe-Shaw 

Education: MDCM, McGill University, BSc (Hons), Biology, McGill University

Division: General Internal Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Chaim Bell

Title of Research: Transition Back to Primary Care Provider After Hospital Discharge

Aleksandra Leligdowicz

Aleksandra Leligdowicz 

Education: MDCM, McGill University, DPhil (Clinical Medicine), University of Oxford, BSc, University of Manitoba

Division: Critical Care

Supervisors' Names: Drs. Kevin Kain and Michael Matthey

Title of Research: The Mechanism of Tissue Injury Resulting from Systemic Infection that Leads to Septic Shock and Acute Lung Injury 

Julie Lovshin CSTP

Julie Lovshin

Education: MD, University of Toronto
PhD, Molecular Endocrinology, University of Toronto, HBSc, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Western University

Division: Endocrinology and Metabolism

Supervisors' Names: Drs. Dan Drucker and David Cherney

Title of Research: Cardiac and Renal Protective Mechanisms of Incretin-Based Therapies in Type 2 Diabetes  

Cynthia Luk

Cynthia Luk

Education: MD, University of Alberta, BSc (Hons), Computer Science, University of Alberta

Division: Endocrinology and Metabolism

Supervisor's Names: Dr. Minna Woo

Title of Research: The Role of FAK in Adipocyte Differentiation and Insulin Resistance

Derek MacFadden

Derek MacFadden

Education: MD (Hons), University of Toronto, BSc, Queen's University

Division: Infectious Diseases

Supervisors' Names: Drs. David Fisman and Marc Lipsitch

Title of Research: Understanding the Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance: Developing A Database of Regional Antimicrobial Resistance


Laveena Munshi

Education: Undergraduate: McMaster University, Bachelor of Arts and Science; Medical School: Dalhousie University; Residency: University of Toronto, Internal Medicine; Fellowships: University of Toronto Critical Care, and Toronto Lung Transplant Program

Division: Critical Care

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Gordon Rubenfeld

Title of Research:  Adjuvants to Mechanical Ventilation for Acute Respiratory Failure: Adoption and De-adoption

Dmitry Rozenberg, CSTP

Dmitry Rozenberg

Education: MD, University of Ottawa, BSc, Kinesiology and Health Science, York University

Division: Respirology

Supervisors' Names: Drs. Lianne Singer and Sunita Mathu

Title of Research: Frailty and Sarcopenia in Advanced Lung Disease

Raphael Schneider, CSTP

Raphael Schneider

Education: MD, University of Freiburg (Germany)

Division: Neurology

Supervisors' Names: Drs. Lorne Zinman and Janice Robertson

Title of Research: MicroRNA as Molecular Biomarkers in ALS

Sam Silver CSTP

Samuel Silver

Education: University of Toronto, MD, MSc (Quality Improvement/Patient Safety),  University of Toronto

Division: Nephrology

Supervisors' Names: Drs. Chaim Bell and Ron Wald

Title of Research: Improving the Delivery of Care for Patients with Acute kidney Injury

Alon Vaisman CSTP

Alon Vaisman

Education: HBSc, York University, MD, University of Toronto

Division: Infectious Diseases

Supervisors' Names: Dr. Nick Daneman, Dr. Lisa Winston (USCF) and Dr. George Rutheford (UCSF)

Title of Research: C. Difficile Acquisition in the Hospital Setting

Amol Verma CSTP

Amol Verma

Education: BSc (Hon), Dalhousie University, MD, University of Toronto, MPhil, Oxford University, FRCPC

Division: General Internal Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Muhammad Mamdani

Title of Research: Multimorbidity and Variations in Processes of Care, Outcomes, and Costs in Hospitalized General Internal Medicine Patients

Jennifer Watt CSTP

Jennifer Watt

Education: BSc (Hon) Biomedical Science, University of Ottawa, MD, University of Ottawa

Division: Geriatric Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Sharon Straus

Title of Research: Safety and Efficacy of Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Treatments for the Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia


Alanna Weisman, CSTP

Alanna Weisman

Education: BHSc, McMaster University, MD, Queen's University

Division: Endocrinology and Metabolism

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Gillian Hawker

Title of Research: Identify Potential Biomarkers Predictive of Diabetes Outcomes and Complications


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